Gmail Plugins That Help You Change the Way You Use Your Inbox

Gmail Plugins That Help You Change the Way You Use Your Inbox

Email is a part of our everyday life today. It has become an indispensable tool for managing your office life. Many companies offer many email services. One of the most widely used, especially for professional use, is Gmail.

Gmail makes your user experience hard to beat and offers a simple yet stylish design layout that fulfills all your professional needs. It is not just compatible with your Android devices but also works seamlessly well on all OS like iOS, Symbian, etc.

Plus, it offers hundreds of plugins that make your life a breeze. These third-party extensions power up your Gmail and make your workflow easy. We have sorted out some indispensable tools that change how you use Gmail.

5 Tools That Will Change the Way You Use Gmail

Don't just use Gmail to send and receive emails. Use it to integrate other Google services and valuable and productive third-party apps with your email account. Change the way you use your Gmail inbox with the following tools:


Don't you think there should be a way where you come to know whether a person has read your mail? Yes, I am sure it will be great to find out. There is a free Chrome extension called as MailTrack. After installing it, you track your email and get desktop and email notifications. Oh, and yes, it stores your history for six months!

The catch. It will send an automatic 'Sent with MailTrack' signature with all your email. If you wish to remove this signature, you must get the application's paid version. The paid version stores complete history and allows you to track if any of the links you sent in the mail were clicked. Not a bad bargain.


Sorted is an intelligent way to list your work in Gmail. It helps sort your inbox into a set of lists where you can add as many names as possible. Reorder them by drag and drop method. Refresh your inbox and make your life easy.

Ugly Email

Okay, you may use MailTrack. But there may be many others who use MailTrack as well. So, how do you know your emails aren't being tracked? Easy. Download Ugly Mail and you will know which of your emails in Gmail are being followed.


Okay, I am tired of getting bombarded with spam emails, mailing lists, newsletters, and marketing emails in my Gmail inbox. If you don't have the time to unsubscribe from each of them individually, then all you need to do is download Unsubsrciber. This will help you delete all unsubscribed emails in one shot.


Do you like to stand out when it comes to showcasing your individuality? Wisestamp is an excellent tool to add creativity and originality to your Gmail signature. You can add your photo, change fonts, add color, and give a touch to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile links.

These few tools will change the way you use Gmail.


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