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How to Disable a Pop Up Blocker in Firefox

How to Disable a Pop-Up Blocker in Firefox Pop-ups can ruin your Web experience by popping up on the main web page. This can be very irritating and, often, can lead to installing malicious malware on your computer. Thus, many browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, offer you automatic blocking or disabling of pop-up windows. However, you sometimes need to access specific pop-up windows, and a disabled one does not allow you to move ahead. If you are wondering how to disable a pop-up in Firefox, the following instructions will be easy. Disabling Pop-Ups in Firefox It is straightforward to disable a pop-up blocker in Firefox. All you need to do: Open the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to the Tools menu, and click on the options. Or click on the three horizontal bars on the top right-hand corner of your browser and click on the options. On the left-hand side, click on the content here, and you will find Pop-ups. Uncheck the Block pop-up windows. You can click on Exceptions and type in the name of

How to Activate Airtel 4G with New SIM Card

How to Activate Airtel 4G with New SIM Card Many new phone models are 4G compatible. Many offers, especially from Flipkart, give you a free Airtel 4 G SIM card with your new mobile phone. You can even order a new 4 G-enabled SIM card from the official Airtel website. The company will courier you a new SIM card free of cost. If you, too, have a new 4G Airtel SIM card but don’t know how to activate it, we can help. Let us see how to start Airtel 4G SIM card. Activating 4G Airtel SIM It is straightforward to get an Airtel 4G SIM card, but more information needs to be available on activating your new 4G SIM. If you insert your SIM card into your phone, it tells you you need to start your SIM card to use it. But how do you activate it? The following steps will tell you the easiest way to activate it. You need to type an SMS from your old Airtel SIM card. Wait to remove your old SIM card until your new Airtel SIM card is active. Look at your new SIM card. You will find a 16 to 20-digit numbe

Gmail Plugins That Help You Change the Way You Use Your Inbox

Gmail Plugins That Help You Change the Way You Use Your Inbox Email is a part of our everyday life today. It has become an indispensable tool for managing your office life. Many companies offer many email services. One of the most widely used, especially for professional use, is Gmail. Gmail makes your user experience hard to beat and offers a simple yet stylish design layout that fulfills all your professional needs. It is not just compatible with your Android devices but also works seamlessly well on all OS like iOS, Symbian, etc. Plus, it offers hundreds of plugins that make your life a breeze. These third-party extensions power up your Gmail and make your workflow easy. We have sorted out some indispensable tools that change how you use Gmail. 5 Tools That Will Change the Way You Use Gmail Don't just use Gmail to send and receive emails. Use it to integrate other Google services and valuable and productive third-party apps with your email account. Change the way you use your Gm

Tips to Prevent Your PC from Malware Infection

Tips to Prevent Your PC from Malware Infection A virus or malware infecting your PC? It is a very time-consuming, annoying, and expensive experience to get rid of this malware from your computer system. The hijackers tend to take over your browser or even your computer. It can lead to loss of data, or worse, identity theft leading to a financial scam. Malware is always looking for ways to take over your PC and lead to havoc in your life. If you follow some simple tips on preventing malware, you can stay protected and away from the eyes of a potential hijacker. Help Prevent Your PC from Malware Infection The online world today is hazardous. Threats are lurking at every click, and you must keep your PC safe from malware. The following tips on preventing malware will prevent you from visiting the hacker’s hell. Never download messages from any unknown sources. Please do not click on links that say they can protect your PC from threats. It would help if you had antivirus software from a le