Top 5 Free DNS Servers

Top 5 Free DNS Servers

DNS is a common term in the world of the Internet. Those networking geeks will tell you it is why the Internet exists worldwide. DNS stands for Domain Name System, in short for server. It allows your computer to be connected to the Internet. Your ISP or Internet Service Provider automatically allocates the primary and the secondary DNS server on your desktop. 

The DNS server can interpret the computer's hostname into the IP address. When the traffic increases, the server tends to slow down. Thus, affecting the speed of your Internet. To correct this problem, you can turn to free public DNS servers that can handle any amount of traffic due to certain modifications. 

Let us look at the top 5 free DNS servers available in India.

Five Best Free Public DNS Servers

Changing your ISP DNS to another provider can make a world of difference in the Internet speed. You can use a DNS server from the many free, public servers available. Many DNS servers provide features like filtering phishing attempts, blocking adult websites, etc. The top 5 free DNS servers include:

Google Public DNS is the best of them all; it has load-balancing, redundancy, and DNS servers all around the globe. They also provide security measures like IPv6 DNS servers as well as DNSSEC. The IP address for Google free Public DNS server is and Choose Google Public DNS for a faster and more secure Internet browsing experience.


OpenDNS is the next best free DNS server that will provide you with a secure browsing experience. It carries out malware filtering and helps you protect your family from websites you disapprove of. All you need to do is configure the settings as per your needs. You need to pay for advanced features that give you customized protection. The IP addresses for OpenDNS are and

DNS Advantage   

Another accessible public DNS server that provides impressive services is DNS advantage. It offers high security and better service than your ISP's DNS server. The IP addresses for DNS Advantage include and

Norton DNS

Norton offers faster web browsing along with a secure and safe Internet experience. It provides you with three types of security policies you can choose per your need. The Norton DNS servers operate at IP addresses and

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo secure offers secure, reliable, and fast public DNS servers. It protects you against harmful websites that can lead to malware and phishing attacks. The IP address for Comodo Secure DNS Servers is and

You can try these top 5 DNS servers other than your ISPs. These public DNS servers will provide you with a faster Internet connection and are very easy to configure on your router.


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